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Have you ever tried using your iPhone while driving? Listen to music? Make a phone call? Find your favorite GPS app icon among hundreds? Then iCarMode is exactly what you are looking for.

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iOS 11 brings a series of car safety features

Finally Apple joins iCarMode’s fight to reduce distracted driving!! iOS 11, currently in beta version, will be available later this year will include some car safety features: 1. Do Not Disturb While Driving mode. 2. Block messages and notification while moving. 3. Sends ‘do not disturb’ message automatically while driving. to read more about this, […]

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Version: Version 4.1 was released to the AppStore!!

Version 4.1 fixes some minor issues reported in previous version. It also adds musixMatch to the shortcut app-list, go to settings->shortcut->Custom App Button to choose between musixMatch “music-Id” or “now-Playing” views. Previous version (4.0), which was released last month, mainly added Vinli device integration to iCarMode’s dashboard, to read more about it – go here.

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Review: Popular Science reviews iCarMode

“..even hands-free, voice-controlled phone use can potentially take your mind off what’s happening on the road. Still, if you get the right apps installed and set up before you head out, you can minimize the risk of phone-related distractions on your trip…” For the full article: Prevent your phone from distracting you while driving

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iCarMode – Vinli integration

Version 1.0 introduce the concept of car mode. Version 2.0 added after parking features (‘where did I park?’, ‘places nearby’). Version 3.0 full ui redesign, layout edit, night mode. Version 4.0 brings – Vinli integration to connect your iCarMode dashboard to your car’s computer. Whats is Vinli? “Vinli is the leading cloud platform for bringing […]

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