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Have you ever tried using your iPhone while driving? Listen to music? Make a phone call? Find your favorite GPS app icon among hundreds? Then iCarMode is exactly what you are looking for.

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Review: msn.com reviews iCarMode

“..Pourquoi cette appli est importante : parce qu’elle réduit les risques de distraction. En outre, iCarMode rendra votre vieux véhicule un peu moins obsolète..” “..Why this app is important: because it reduces the risk of distraction. In addition, iCarMode will make your old vehicle a little less obsolete…” For the full article: Best iOS Apps […]

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Review: want.nl reviews iCarMode

“… De app iCarMode geeft je een Android Auto een soort interface met grote knoppen en makkelijkere toegang tot andere apps zoals Music en Contacts. Op deze manier hoef je niet de ingebouwde opties van Apple te gebruiken als die je niet aanstaan…” “..The iCarMode app gives you an Android Auto a kind of interface […]

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Review: tecnetico.com reviews iCarMode

“…Estos apps hacen que los botones y la información en la pantalla sea en tamaños y posicionamientos más adecuados cosa de reducir el tiempo que tengas que enfocar tu vista al teléfono para que la mayor parte sea hacia la carretera….” “…These apps make buttons and information on the screen in sizes and positioning more […]

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Review: insta-taggings.com reviews iCarMode

“…The placement will give a boost to in iOS 11 later this yr, because it features a using mode that blocks incoming notifications and will respond to messages robotically. Till iOS 11 arrives…. the most productive selection we’ve noticed is iCarMode—it provides outsized keep an eye on buttons to the interface, like Android Auto, and […]

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Review: inovacijubiuras.tele2.lt reviews iCarMode

“…Visi šiuolaikiniai automobiliai turi prisijungimo prie automobilio diagnostinės įrangos – OBD arba OBD 2. Įsigiję specialų adapterį, kuris jungiasi į tą lizdą ir „Bluetooth“ arba Wi-Fi ryšiu susijungia su išmaniuoju telefonu, galite išmanųjį telefoną paversti analitiniu kompiuteriu, kuris realiu laiku rodo visus duomenis apie jūsų automobilį…” “…All modern cars have access to diagnostic equipment for […]

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