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  • Music Player

    iCarMode includes Big buttoned music player to safely & comfortably access your music collection.

  • Favorite Contacts

    iCarMode also includes quick dialup to your favorite contacts, so you don't have to browse them again & again in the addressbook.

  • GPS App shortcut

    Easy access to your favorite GPS app, including: TomTom, Navigon, Waze, iGo & many more.

  • Phone Keypad

    Well designed phone keypad with access to your iPhone's full addressbook.

  • Where did I park?

    Forgot where you left your car? iCarMode will help you find your parked car!

  • Parking Meter

    iCarMode will also remind you when your parking meter timer is about to finish.

  • Places nearby

    Your car is parked. what did you have in mind? coffee? the nearest ATM? this feature, powered by Google places, will help you out.

  • App Shortcut

    iCarMode has also room for your favorite app shortcut, now supports: Pandora, Shazam, TuneIn Radio & more...

  • Home screen 1
  • Home screen 2
  • Music Player
  • Contacts screen
  • Phone screen
  • Where did I park screen
  • Places nearby screen
  • Parking meter screen
  • Home screen 1 night
  • Home screen 2 night
  • Music Player night
  • Contacts screen night
  • Phone screen night
  • Places nearby screen night
  • Parking meter screen night